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About us

Superior Importers started out two decades ago, partnering with Karar Carpets of Turkey to bring sensational, affordable Turkish rugs to U.S. customers. Since then, we have grown into a multifaceted furniture dealer, and we do a lot of private labeling for companies that sell online through Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair and RugsUSA.

We have a rich history steeped in innovation and a commitment to our customers and their happiness with what they buy. At our huge showroom at our headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey, you could spend all day looking at beautiful furniture. Nowadays, though, we find most of our customers just go online to choose their favorite pieces and have them shipped. If you have ever shopped on,, or, you have likely viewed some of our fabulous home furnishings.

We are focused on building relationships with our customers. We feel our extensive knowledge of home furniture and a great relationship with our customers helps us provide exceptional products at unbelievable prices.

One of Superior Import’s most famous pieces of furniture is our platform bed coupled with the hybrid mattress. Our beloved platform beds are time-tested and a family favorite for quality and lasting comfort.

Our creations are more than just stylish. Rest easy, knowing that we offer only the best in quality, comfort, and durability. Using premium materials and expert craftsmanship, we make sure our furniture is made to last. Beyond well-designed furniture, we deliver a promise that life is easier with Superior Imports. With us, your family is in good hands, from a seamless shopping and delivery experience to extensive after-care support.

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Oliver&Smith is an expression of quality and personal taste. Made just for you, their furniture and homeware are designed using premium materials to help you reinvent your living space.

Oliver&Smith strives for perfection and is committed to maintaining the highest quality and the leading edge in style.



Homelife Company has been well-loved by families across the United States for over twenty years. Homelife believes that each home is unique and creates furniture that reflects design, innovation, comfort, and emotion to inspire every lifestyle

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