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We make it quick and easy to talk to a furniture consultant online about any questions you have as you shop. Do you appreciate personalized service?  Just e-mail us. Our employees will guide you!

Manufacturing and distribution

At Superior Importers, we specialize in the distribution of furniture manufactured overseas. We handle the logistics of bringing in and shipping out furniture from our overseas factories. Some of the brands that we manufacture are our own brands; we produce for other retailers who sell online and in stores, and big-box stores with private label manufacturing.


Give Us a Call @ +1 (833) 502-2500 or fill the contact form below to discuss everything. We Ship Nationwide in the USA!

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Join our wholesale businesses

We are furniture wholesaler that supplies retailers who sell online and in physical stores. Our goal is to provide quality furniture at the best wholesale prices possible. We are looking for new business partners that can use our services and products to grow their business.

For more information on how we can help you, please get in touch with us.

Drop shipping

We provide drop shipping, less than load (LTL), and container-direct shipping to our business customers throughout the United States. Plans are underway for expansion across the United States as the company strives to make excellent quality designs a reality for every home. If you are a retailer interested in purchasing furniture wholesale, you can register and order here.

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Collaborate with us

Superior Importers has the experience and staff necessary to execute large, demanding projects. We are excited to listen to your ideas.

We are open to collaborations, sharing experiences, and building new relationships. Contact us if you are an interior designer, a craftsperson, or if you are dreaming of running your own furniture store outside our geographical area.

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